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Personal delivery to your nearest airport!

I will personally deliver your kitten to your nearest airport for a flat fee of $500.  Kittens fly in the cabin with me, so I can deliver your precious cargo safe and sound with as little stress as possible.  Note: Two kittens fly for the price of one!! This fee includes all airfare and necessary paperwork.  This fee does NOT include a pet carrier.  You will need to BRING YOUR OWN CARRIER to the airport for pickup.  Additional fees may apply for delivery outside the US or Canada, but is available.

A Furever Friend

We offer a variety of Himalayan Persian colors including:

Seal point, Blue point, and the ultra-rare Lilac or Chocolate point Himalayan Persians.  

Specializing in the stunning Chinchilla and Shaded Silver Persian kittens!!!  

Your new best friend! 

  A classy way to ask for her hand in marriage with an engagement ring attached to the kittens collar.  How special is that?!!?


Himalayan and Silver Persian kittens

Rachel - -$3250

This Teacup Chinchilla Silver Persian girl is as adorable as they come.  She's very playful and loves the mylar balls.  She will weigh approximately 5-6 pounds grown.


Teacup Persian girl.  She's a squishy face and a rare Chocolate Lynx Point Himalayan Persian with beautiful blue eyes! This combination doesn't happen very often AND she loves to snuggle.  Daisy is super affectionate and loves being on your lap! You can't go wrong if you are looking to be showered with attention!! Her estimated adult weight 5-6 lbs.


This Seal Point Himalayan Persian girl is all fluff with vivid blue eyes! Absolutely stunning!  She's as friendly as they come and loves men.  She is very playful and enjoys chasing Sparky. 


Sparky is a Seal Point Himalayan Persian and full of love.  He loves to stay close by and can eat sardines with the best of them! He also loves playing with JJ and mylar ball.


Coco is a Chocolate Point Himalayan Persian with beautiful blue eyes.  If you're looking for a kitten that will follow you everywhere, you've found your her!  This one is about as affectionate as they come and loves coffee! Ha ha!  She's super playful and loves to play with Rio.  


JJ is a Teacup Seal Point Himalayan Persian kitten in his litter.  He is very snuggly and enjoys sunning in front of the window.  If you need a nap buddy, this is the one for you! He loves his people.

Chinchilla and Shaded Silver Persians


Barney is a Teacup Chinchilla Silver with big, round, blue-green eyes.  This little teacup is stunning.   He is super affectionate and loves to be snuggled up in bed.  He also loves kale and dandelions with sardine oil and he will steal your popcorn.  We LOVE his purrrsonality!!!   He really loves playing with Rio.  He's one special kitty that is all sweetheart.  He is looking for his soulmate for life.

Pinky- $2950

A perfect little Teacup beauty that does a good job snuggling with all of her sisters.  This one will be gorgeous!


Milano- girl

She is a Shaded Silver Persian with big green eyes.  This little beauty is feisty and funny.  She loves her feathers and will kill a bird (fake of course) on contact! She loves to play with Coco. She has a super fluffy coat that shimmers with silver.  


Rio is a Teacup Shaded Silver Persian with green eyes.  This tiny little guy is so full of love you will fall instantly in love.  He is super friendly and acts like a little baby.   He is always close by and wants to be touching more often than not:)  He loves his hoomans.  He he!  He's all personality and very gentle.  He would be a great student helper and he is good with kids!


A Teacup Chinchilla Silver Persian girl that's very docile.  This little girl loves her mommy and is looking for a snuggle buddy.  A beautiful kitten that will weight approximately 6 pounds grown.


She's a Teacup Chinchilla Silver Persian and as cute as they come!  Super fluffy and super sweet.  

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Now accepting $750 down payment deposits via PayPal or Venmo.  

Payable to PowderpuffPersians@gmail.com.  

  • I will provide a legal contract for you to sign stating you will spay or neuter your pet before 6 months of age.  
  • All funds must be cleared before taking your kitten home.
  •  No refunds for ANY reason.  
  •  We do not guarantee weight or  color of the coat, eyes, or points.  
  • Kittens may be reserved by Powderpuff Persians.  These kittens may become available later.   
  • Once you place a deposit on a kitten, the price will not change. 
  •  Your deposit will be deducted from the balance. 


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Accepting PayPal or Venmo.  Payable to PowderpuffPersians@gmail.com 

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