Specializing in Silver and Himalayan Persians

Powderpuff Persians is a CFA licensed Indiana cattery.  Our cats live with us and they are our pets, first and foremost.  Our Powderpuff's are treated like Royalty!  Always home with them to make sure they receive the best of care. 

Cats are proven to be good for your health.  Cats reduce stress, lower blood pressure, decrease chances of stroke, lower allergies when introduced to children at an early age, reduce anxiety, and overall improve human health.  Our Persians are affectionate and love their people.  They are wonderful companions as they are always close by and seeking companionship.

=^..^=Should I get one kitten or two?? =^..^=
There are many wonderful advantages of getting two kittens at the same time.  Doing so will keep them from getting lonely while you are at work or traveling.  They will enjoy playing together.  Also, most cats will help groom each other.  Note: Kittens that grow up together are already bonded.  If you make the decision to buy two kittens from me at the same time, I offer a $150 discount from the combined total.   Kittens are like potato chips, you can't stop with one! HA!!

References: available upon request


Dear Susan,

Jasper is now neutered and doing very well.  He is still very sweet and likes to be loved.  He will ask for his loving.  He was a big hit at the vets office and everyone there adored him so much they put him on the facebook page!  The surgeon was a Purdue grad, so we were comfortable with him. -Mary, Mike, and Jasper.  Arizona


Thanks for taking Purrrfect care of our new baby kitty! Waffles is so excited to get her new baby sister! You are the best!! -Fabian, Kristen and Waffles, Indiana

Dear Susan,

Thank you for such a wonderful kitten!  From the first moment home he enchanted me with his love purring, playfulness and sweetness...He is doing fine...He does Yoga with me, draws with me, watches movies with me...a perfect little gentleman! So gentle and adorable...And his beauty is beyond compare! 

With much appreciation, 

Aspen's Mom