How To Care For Your Kitten


Taking your new Persian kitten home can be very exciting!  Hopefully, by sharing my experiences with you, the transition will be easier for you and your new kitten. 

I strive to use a holistic approach and natural homeopathic options when possible.  I use organic products and feed only the best foods.  I'm a firm believers in good products that work!

 ALL of the products I use are the best I have found.  I believe you get what you pay for.


Persians are indoor cats ONLY.  They will depend on you to take good care of them and protect them from harm.  

Having said that...

When you're done doting over your new kitten, place him in a small area in your home with food and water and allow kitten to come out of the carrier when he is ready to explore. The open carrier will serve as his temporary safe place and a heating pad set on low placed inside the carrier is comforting.  Later you can move the heating pad to a convenient place for you.   
The biggest mistake people make is allowing them to roam the whole house instead of gradually introducing them over a period of a week or two.  If you have other pets, do not let them together for a minimum of a week and allow them to get to know one another through a screened door or under a door.  Cats can smell extremely well and this will give them time to exchange smells without direct confrontation.  Placing a blanket that the new kitten has slept on in the bed of the existing household pet will help with scent exchange.   Baby steps work best with introductions.  


Your kitten will be up to date on all vaccinations and parasite control.  Depending on the age you purchase your kitten, he may need additional vaccinations and also a yearly booster vaccination and Rabies shot.  I will give you healthcare information to show your vet and he/she will know how to proceed. PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW YOUR KITTY TO RECEIVE VACCINATIONS ON THE DAY THEY ARE SPAYED OR NEUTERED.  VACCINATIONS RARELY DO BUT CAN HAVE BAD REACTIONS, DO NOT PUT KITTY IN THIS SITUATION, JUST IN CASE.  AT 3 pounds they are generally ready to be altered.


You will need to apply Revolution topically, on a monthly basis after his bath.  You can purchase this from your vet.  Revolution is a topical ointment for fleas and deworming and placed behind the ears at the top of the neck.  I recommend Revolution because it also works for ear mites, unlike the other flea control meds.    Micro-chipping can provide peace of mind should a door accidentally be left open.  Microchipping is very inexpensive and it's quick and easy to do.  Note: Vaccinations for Feline Leukemia can cause Sarcoma at injection site.  Weigh the risks before vaccinating for this.  Do your research and make your own choice on this.  Never vaccinate when kitty is ill or at the same time of any surgery.  Also, unless there is reason to believe that your kitten is having issues, my vet said testing for FELV, FIV, and FIP is not necessary.  The parents of your kitty have been genetically tested for PKD and are Negative.  Feel free to have your kitten tested, but do your research first. 


Your kitten will be eating high quality Life's Abundance food when you take him home. I feed Life's Abundance Pork and Duck canned food and All Life Stages Grain-free dry food.  I prefer to feed the canned food only if that is an option as that is much healthier for them.  This is a food that you can feed for all life stages, so you will never have to change the food which can cause digestive issues. There is a link you can use to order this food at the bottom of this page.  This food already contains prebiotics and live probiotics along with lysine and tourine in the food.  If you should decide to feed anything other than this food, it is VERY important  to remember to do so over a period of two weeks and gradually switch them over by mixing the foods together.  If you notice anything abnormal after changing the diet, slowly return to the same food.  I also recommend adding supplements to WET FOOD ONLY.  Persians should be supplemented daily with Prebiotics, Probiotics, Lysine, and Tourine.  Lysine and Tourine should be added to the wet food, goat yogurt, or pure pumpkin. Omega 3's are good for them and tend to help during shedding season to cut down on the shedding.  A few drops is all you need!  You can still give a SMALL dollop of yogurt and/or Pure pumpkin as a treat.   They love it and it's good for them!  Another treat option that will encourage your kitten to drink is freezing chicken or beef broth in ice cube trays and let it melt over the warm wet food.  Persians need plenty of fresh water to help keep the kidneys functioning properly. I recommend a filtered ceramic water fountain (filter changed every 10 days) and distilled or filtered water.  Life's Abundance offers freeze dried Turkey Heart treats that is super healthy treats that they love!


Traveling with your new kitten can be fun and exciting!  When I set up the carrier to transport the kittens, I always use a stay dry pad in the bottom, just in case.  These pads work like a diaper and are very absorbent.  I also spray the inside of the carrier with Feliway spray 20 minutes prior to departure.  I give 4 drops of Rescue Remedy to help calm them prior to flight or drive.  I add YEOW catnip in the back corner and place a soft blanket inside to cuddle that has a familiar home smell.  Taking the food and water away 6 hours before travel can help.  They should be offered food and water as soon as possible after arrival. I have traveled all over the country delivering kittens and have yet to have any issues.  The kittens travel pretty good if you talk to them and reassure them that they are okay.  They also ride very well in the car and are happy to see a litter box in the back floorboard after a very long day of travel.


I recommend combing your kitten about 3 times per week, when he is sleepy.  A long tooth metal comb works best.  Be sure to comb the belly and back of the legs.  I like to shave the belly and potty patch on my cats, and all the kittens learn to get their potty patch shaved.  The vet or groomer can help with this when you go for an annual exam and vaccinations. A lion cut is a refreshing break from grooming, and looks adorable if you decide you need a break from combing. Caution, I have read that sometimes the hair does not grow back the same.  However, I have not experienced this with my cats.   When grooming your kitten, do it in short sessions and be sure to keep it a pleasant experience.  Remember, it is Very important to make sure ALL tangles are gone BEFORE wetting the fur.   I recommend bathing your kitten twice a month with Dawn blue dishwashing liquid, followed by your favorite pet shampoo. Life's Abundance has a wonderful pet shampoo that is purrfect for kitty.  Wait a minimum of two weeks after getting your new kitten, before giving him a bath.  Be sure the water is not too hot and provide a skid free pad for him to stand on in the sink.  Let him rest his front feet on the sink divider in the middle and only use a washcloth on the face.  Rinse well!!! Rinse again. Ha! Remember,  ONE drop of water in the nose could cause pneumonia, so be careful not to get water in the face.  Add ear drops (from vet) to dry and clean ears.  After bath, blow-dry until completely dry to prevent matting.  Be sure the blow dryer doesn't burn him and start drying the tail first, allowing him to hide his head in the towel.  Hold him by the back of the neck if he is resisting.  The more often you give him a bath when he is little, the easier it will be when he is older.  Wet a cotton round pad with Bausch & Lomb eye cleanser (with boric acid) to wipe the eyes clean Daily.  Use one pad for each eye. Ask your vet about dental care during annual examinations.  Perio-support supplement from the vet can be sprinkled on the food.  Also,  dental treats help to prevent tartar.


Everyone that purchases a kitten from me must sign a legal contract agreeing to have their kitten altered by 6 months of age.  Time IS of the essence regarding this issue.  Cats are healthier and happier if they are altered.  Not doing so can cause behavioral and health issues.  Upon request, I can have them altered prior to delivery for an additional fee, but they will need to weigh 3 pounds first.  Some kittens will be altered before purchasing, according to weight and age.  We reserve the right to randomly spay or neuter any kitten to help prevent undercover breeder buyers.   


When I started my cattery I bought several types of litter boxes and was never able to totally get rid of the smell or mess.  Not to mention, I was spending a fortune constantly buying litter.  Then I discovered the Litter Robot- WOW! What a difference!!! I can't say enough good things about this box.  The amount of litter you will cut back on is incredible and the smell is literally gone! You can use any type clumping litter although the Litter Robot litter is the BEST.   Also, with the steps attached to the box, the mess is basically gone!. One Robot is good for at least 3-4 cats and you will NEVER scoop again! Worth every penny!! You will love it or you can return it within 90 days.  I teach my kittens to use this Litter Robot from the beginning.  I was so impressed with this company, I decided to become a representative.  If you have any questions regarding the Litter Robot, feel free to contact me. I have 7 of them and can't imagine my cattery without them.  Also, should you decide you need this in your life, I can give you  $25 OFF when you visit my personal link at the bottom of this page. Please ask for this link if you do not see it.  Any time you need to order more litter, just visit my link at  I appreciate your support more than you realize!


*Revolution flea and parasite control

*Life's Abundance canned and dry food and treats

*Probiotics or goat yogurt (NO DAIRY)

*Prebiotics, Tourine, Lysine, and Omega 3's

*Organic Pure canned Pumpkin (not pie filling)

*Ceramic (dishwasher safe) water fountain and spare filters to change bi-weekly.

*stay dry pad and carrier that is VERY secure

*Feliway spray or plug-ins

*freshly grown catnip 

*A cat tree is a must have and will collect lose fur from kitty. 

*Dawn blue dishwashing liquid

*round cotton pads to clean the eyes with warm water or preferably eye wash solution mentioned below.  One pad for each eye and one to dry.  Do not use the same pad on both eyes. The idea is to prevent cross contamination.  Please research the Persian and eye care if not familiar with this breed.

*Life's Abundance toxic-free cleaning solutions or any solution that is pet safe and toxic-free

*Litter -Robot litter,  Worlds Best Cat litter or Paws and Claws clumping litter

*Bass long tooth metal comb

*pet clippers and thinning shears in place of scissors. 

*Life's Abundance cat treats, supplements, shampoo

*heating pad and blanket

*Soft Claws colored nail caps

*nail clippers

*Vetri-Science Perio Dental support supplement 

*Bausch & Lomb Advanced Eye Relief eye wash solution for people (the kind that includes boric acid)

I represent the Litter Robot because I LOVE this litter box.  In my opinion, none of the others boxes begin to compare!  Most owners ask what the kittens use and this is all we use.  We start them from the beginning with the Litter Robots and we have had nothing but good luck with them. They love it because it's always clean!  Note: there is a free app for your phone that let's you know it's time to change the bag.

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I am also an Independent Field Representative for Life's Abundance.  I love the fact that the food is formulated for all stages in a cats life.  Changing the diet from kitten to cat or to senior cat can throw off the digestion and cause problems.  With this food they never have to change.  This food has been reported as a top food for 2019 and my cats not only love it, but they seem healthier since we have started feeding it.  I have noticed a difference in the eyes and energy levels, not to mention the smaller wastes.  Life's Abundance has never had a recall on their food.  Canned food is better for them than dry food, so try to encourage the canned food.

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